Established in the year 1975 in the garden city of Bangalore, India, for the manufacture of coolant pump for the machine tool industry.

The Company has started a Green Field Facility at Dobbspet for future Expansion.

Starting with 3 models, today the company produces over 100+ models to meet the various needs of the industry namely machine tool, printing, packing, filtration and chemical.

Today the company is a leading manufacturer of coolant pump in India with a wide dealer network and a large OEM customer base.

The company has a comprehensive product line to cater to ever changing requirement of the market. The company has been a leader in the Indian market with its continuous change to meet the demands of the customer and environment.

The TEAM Rajamane excels in meeting the customer satisfaction by continuously improving the product and realizing a very high on time delivery.

The company has a good management structure supported by qualified personal in all departments with a strong IT backbone Powered by SAP.

The workforce is trained through the in-house training program for achieving effective work on the shop floor.


The company manufactures standard pumps in batches ensuring low cost and off the shelf delivery with some model being shipped within 48 hours.

We have a full-fledged separate machine shop with well-equipped CNC machines and SPM for high productivity and quality.

The Electric motors required for the pumps are made in- house on automatic winding machines thereby providing the flexibility to manufacture motors in various voltage and frequencies.

Special pumps are assembled on order basis ensuring guarantee of quality and delivery

The company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and the products are CE Marked, making the pumps acceptable in the worldwide market.

On line testing of every pump with a computerized system ensure that every product is quality certified.

Database of 10 years of products establishes a good traceability of custom-made products.


The company is a leader with a large OEM customer base, has a country wide dealer network.

The company manufactures a wide range of products with various material of construction (MOC) Catering to the needs of changing liquid application.

The company Continuously meets the customer requirement in terms of value for money and has been able to satisfy the challenges of the customers through its philosophy of PRODUCT OF PROVEN PERFORMANCE.

Special pumps are assembled on order basis ensuring guarantee of quality and delivery

The company follows JIT and Kanban systems for timely delivery

The company is the sole distributor and service centre in India for